This is what happens when you name your blog “world of crap.”

I made a horrible mistake today.

You see, I love Indian food, and I live dangerously close to what is considered by most to be the best Indian restaurant in New York, Jackson Diner in Sunnyside, Queens. It’s only a short subway ride away. To make matters even more dangerous, they have an all-you-can-eat buffet for only $9.95 EVERY DAY UNTIL 4 PM!

I was weak.

But my stomach was weaker. Having been on the edge for weeks due to an antibiotic I’m on (I’m clean now, ladies!), it decided that curry was, in fact, not the answer it was looking for.

I spent this afternoon in an unholy combination of food coma and fever dream, with frequent pained jaunts to the bathroom. My intestines may never forgive me.

How in the world do Indian people get ANY work done, with that food of theirs? And if they get an upset stomach, is that just it for them? Do they shoot Indians when they can’t deal with spices, as if they’re a horse that’s splintered his femur?

‘Cause I think they do that in Korea.


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