Stupidest Thing I’ve Done This Month

While at Otakon, I was happy to hear that our hotel boasted not only a fitness area, but a pool as well. Friday morning I got up early to go work out, wearing my swim trunks. I brought my ipod as well, just in case.

I ended up not needing the ipod (the small workout room had a TV), so I stuck it in my pocket while I used their crappy old cross country machine. Then I took a shower and headed to the tiny diamond-shaped pool. The thing was so small, the only way to swim an entire lap was to swim the widest part of the diamond. It was smaller than some above-ground pools I’ve seen.

Upon getting out, I was dismayed to find my iPod Nano still in my pocket.

Even after drying out, it appears to be completely dead. Took it to the Apple Store today, and not only was my warranty only two months long, but there’s actually a water damage indicator inside the headphone jack. They refused to touch it.

Next stop is a third party repair place. Sigh.


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