Remembering why nobody buys CDs anymore

I actually bought a CD this week. I haven’t bought a CD in years! But, listening to Pandora on my iPhone, I actually found a song I really liked that just wasn’t available online ANYWHERE. It was a late 80s cover of Elvis Presley’s “Burning Love” by none other than Ronnie Spector. So I found a used copy on for $8 or so.

Jesus, there is only ONE GOOD SONG on this whole freaking disc. And that was it. Every other song was this terrible 80s pop pablum that made me want to sit in a dentist’s waiting room flipping through old issues of Us Weekly. All I could think was, “$8 for THIS? Imagine if I had bought it NEW back in the day!”

And then I remembered that I did. We all did. And we pretended to like it, but every album and CD we bought with a single listenable track made us all die a little inside.

Downloading isn’t what killed the music business. Filler. THAT’S what killed it.


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