Sarah Palin in a labcoat

I’m a die-hard Obamite.

That said, I have to admit that I just can’t get Sarah Palin off my mind. It’s horrifying. It’s disturbing. It’s oh-so-right. She’s hot. She appeals to my sexy librarian fetish, hardcore. If she ever dressed in a labcoat I’d be done for. With the beehive hair and the up-tight glasses, even the New York Times couldn’t help but notice that she’s clearly the “ugly girl” in the movie the jock falls for after a “makeover” that consists of letting her hair down and putting on contacts and lipstick.

All of this, of course, shoves my inherent male feminist guilt into overdrive. Suddenly I feel creepy because she’s a successful role model of a woman and I quite literally have no use for her other than as eye candy. Her voice is irritating. Her politics are vomit-inducing. Her world knowledge, so far as anyone can tell, is nonexistent. She has absolutely nothing to contribute to the world stage, or perhaps even to dinner party conversation amongst the sort of people I identify with.

But Jesus, if she were only well-educated, secular and studying particle acceleration. Then I’d RESPECT her. AND still have my boner.

The retarded kid is baggage too, come to think of it.


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