What will I miss most about NYC? Our mayor.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is, in my opinion, the best politician I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Sure, he’s had his failures as Mayor (Jets Stadium), but the man has simply worked miracles for this city. Schools are better, crime is down even further from the Guiliani years, our budget is balanced, things are cleaner, cops are better paid… the list just goes on. NYC has a 24-hour toll-free customer service hotline, for crying out loud! And he didn’t take a single dime from a single contributor or lobbyist to run for office. He paid for all of it himself. The man made billions on his own.

So when the man chimes in about the state of the country, I listen. In a quick Labor Day interview with Channel 4, he quickly distilled the root causes of what’s causing this country to truly self-destruct, and voiced his disgust that neither presidential candidate has addressed these causes in any satisfactory way. In his words, America is committing suicide.

The scariest thing is, Bloomberg is WAY not the type to exaggerate for the media. He means it. One of the best economic minds in this country is truly convinced that our protectionist policies are in the process of putting the entire country through a slow death. And it’s not a partisan thing; he’s pretty critical of both parties.

THIS is why I get so sick of the pedantic circus our presidential elections become. THIS is why I tune out. THIS is why I throw up my hands and decide not to even pay attention anymore. Bloomberg has, in this one 5-minute interview, voiced everything that’s wrong with American politics, and why I can’t even pay attention anymore without putting my head in my hands.


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