Being an extra SUCKS

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be an extra in the sketch comedy show The Whitest Kids U Know. Having been a friend of a the troupe for so long, it was a little strange to have not done this by now; most of their other friends had done this years ago. But having been a workaholic with a day job during the previous two seasons, I never really had the time.

Yesterday, I responded (a few minutes late) for the 8am call time, which was WAY too early when you are still catching up from a convention. I hadn’t had more than 4 hours of sleep a night for about a week, and so I was pretty wrecked. The location was an overpriced restaurant in Williamsburg that was not serving.

It’d been a long time since I’d been on a set (and I’d never been so unimportant on one before), so I was absolutely not prepared for the boredom. It was nice on some level; I was too tired to read the book I’d brought and instead wiled away the hours talking to some of the college kids that were there to earn credit, or to Ivan (a cool guy I never really got to talk to much). The day also featured seeing some of my best friends in full-out drag, which is a weird-out no matter how many times you’ve seen it on TV. Once Darren came outside for a cigarette in full woman garb sans wig, and I marveled at how he resembled Hilary Clinton.

I doubt I’ll be doing this again. My life has too much value to spend a day doing nothing around a set for no pay, and had I been well-rested I would have been mutinous with boredom. But it’ll be a fun memory at least.


BTW, best Chinese restaurant ever: Peter Ng’s Place on Bowery. Fricking amazing. Don’t miss it, especially if you have a large group of people.


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