Metropolis film geek heaven

I’m a big fan of the old silent film Metropolis. While it’s not the best silent film ever made, or even the most important, it holds up really well today and it’s the first silent film I ever enjoyed.

But the way I enjoyed it was a little different than other people. My experience was enhanced by 80s pop music by the likes of Adam Ant and Pat Benetar. Disco maven Giorgio Moroder produced an earlier restoration in 1984 and scored it like a (then) modern movie. It was enthralling. I couldn’t pull my eyes away. To this day, this form of the film is one of the most memorable films of my youth.

This version is, of course, hated by film purists and has been out of print for most of my lifetime. I’ve long considered hunting down a (quite rare) laserdisc copy, but in the rare event I see one for sale, it’s quickly snapped up for hundreds of dollars. It just never happened, for obvious reasons. In the years since, the copyright to the film has been recaptured by the original German producers and a film museum in Munich, who have recently produced their own far more complete restoration (with scenes discovered well after Moroder’s version was made). The Moroder version seemed to have been left for dead.

Luckily, I was not the only one who felt this way. Now, a hardcore fan of the Moroder version has reassembled the film with far higher quality footage from the new restoration, reinstated Moroder’s tint and soundtrack, and even added a few of the additional scenes with other similar sounding Moroder music. He’s just about done now and ready to make this restored version available. I’m so excited I want to explode.

Between this and the new 100% complete version that was just discovered in July (and apparently headed for Blu-Ray release next year) this has been such an amazing year for fans of Metropolis. Happy happy happy.


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