Food Porn Du Jour

I haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been really busy with work and moving. Just to post something, here’s a particularly passionate Yelp review I wrote tonight.

LA SIRENE (558 Broome St., NYC)

I didnt have this, but I think I will soon. Gives you an idea what their potions look like

I didn't have this, but I think I will soon. Gives you an idea what their potions look like

This tiny little bistro tucked away on the West side (almost in Tribecca) was a completely unexpected treat. The Prix Fixe dinner for $25 was an enormous bargain, considering the amount of food we got. The portions were absurdly (and delightfully) generous for New York City French cuisine, and the atmosphere, though cramped, was fun and relaxed. Each reservation seating is given a luxurious two hours for its meal, so there’s plenty of time to luxuriate.

I had the French Onion soup, which was light and delicious, while my friend started off with a duck liver paté that was quite good. But my excitement didn’t really start until our plates of musssels came out. These were succulent and delicious, and soaking in a sauce/soup that was incredible. I had the wine sauce variation, but I regret not getting what my friend did: a light creamy apple curry sauce. After finishing the muscles we indulged in the soup and every speck of the flavorful ingredients that added to its flavor.

The waitress, despite manning the dining room herself, was incredibly attentive, constantly noticing our need for more bread to soak up the sauce. The chef and owner was regularly out and about the dining room, and when I asked the waitress what a particular desert was (its description, in slightly mangled English, wasn’t all that helpful) he nudged in excitedly to explain it himself. It turned out to be one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever eaten, the Sabayon Chaud aux fruits du moment. A hot assortment of liquor fruit compote topped with a frothy egg yoke top, then lightly grilled until the yolk becomes almost a thin layer of crepe. It was an absolutely moving experience that left me near tears.

I treasure places like La Sirene. It’s tiny, their hours are short, and they are missing amenities like a liquor license and a credit card machine, but they are happy to prove to those that give them a chance that these things are merely secondary, and will dazzle you with an attention to detail and a pure love for their art that is second to none. We are blessed for their very presence.


One response to “Food Porn Du Jour

  1. The next time I come down to the city you are taking me to this place.

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