Nerding out for Kieslowski

I’m a huge dork for the Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski. His film “The Double Life of Veronique” is one of the first art house films I ever saw, and quite by accident. The story goes that a film buff found my old VHS fansub group online and contacted me to help him subtitle the film, which wasn’t available on any format in the States at that point, into Turkish to give to his girlfriend. I was sixteen at the time, and while I found the film in its entirety a challenge to sit through (especially in its washed out, jumpy PAL-converted VHS), the opening few scenes are written into my sense memory. Today the film, in all its wackiness about dopplegangers and implacable lost memories, is one of my warm-blankets of cinema.

I’ll write a bit more about Kieslowski and perhaps The Double Life of Veronique at some point (there’s a new Blu-ray edition from Criterion that’s calling my name), but for now I just wanted to note that, at long last, I managed to get an MP3 rip of the long out-of-print import-only soundtrack.

The opening choral theme, composed specifically for the film, is just the best thing ever.



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