What I’ve been doing all this time…

Wow, did I really go 2 months without updating this blog? Guess that’s what happens to everybody sooner or later.

Anyway, in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, life ended up getting really really busy. In addition to a huge amount of new work at AnimeNewsNetwork.com (involving streaming to the UK and Australia), I’ve been doing more and more side projects. I have several new anime BDs in the kiln (yay, freelance!), been doing a little video filtering and processing, and just had a short work trip to San Francisco, the Delicious City™.

But the most interesting side project I’ve worked on lately has been with this indie band from Inland Empire called The New Division. They’re incredibly talented, their music is great (especially if you’re into the sort of 80s-influenced hipster electro-pop that’s been popping up the last few years), and incredibly, they’re unsigned and mostly undiscovered. More importantly, they’re just some of the nicest people ever. I even shot and edited a short documentary about them.

Introducing: The New Division from The New Division on Vimeo.

I’ve been around to see other talented friends getting their foot in the door of the entertainment business, but somehow this feels a little different. They’re way younger than I am, and the difference is stark enough that I feel it crop up time and again in both the circumstances they deal with, as well as their inexperience. They’re all at that point in their post-college lives where they’re working menial day jobs, are perpetually broke, and struggle to maintain enough spare time to chase their dream. This stage is a hard one, and it’s one where many bands simply stall out. (It’s also amusing to compare their parochial, suburban college years to my urban, hipster coming of age. It’s such a stark difference in life experience that I sometimes feel like I’ve been living on the streets for decades when I talk to them.)

It’s always odd and a little unsettling to see people that you KNOW are destined for better things instead stuck in a stasis, facing an uncertain future. The natural inclination is to help. They’re too talented, too smart, and too damn nice not to. And in doing so, it’s taking me back to a place where I’m dreaming again, for myself this time.


3 responses to “What I’ve been doing all this time…

  1. Very cool! Watched the vid–these guys are great! What did you shoot with?

  2. Well, good to see people still living the dream. I’ll probably check out more of New Division in the future.

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