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Yet Another Steve Jobs RIP post

News of Steve Jobs’ passing, though expected, hit me a lot harder than I could have anticipated. As an Apple user since I was 7, I cannot think of a single other person, other than my parents, who have so dramatically affected virtually every facet of my day-to-day life, my passions, my skills, and the way I communicate. While we all knew it was coming, we were hoping for some sort of deus ex machina, some unexpected event to turn his health around and keep him with us, innovating. On Twitter, I’m seeing a lot of comparisons to Tony Stark. They are apt.

I find myself with surprisingly little to say that has not been said elsewhere. So I’ll only make a correction. For the record, my little adventure with Windows (detailed in this post) lasted less than 3 weeks. Even with every piece of aftermarket software in the world, I found that, for all its enhancements, Windows still blows at 90% of the tasks I threw at it. But every Apple user probably saw that coming.

So, yeah… What now?