My name is Justin Sevakis, and I am a giant nerd for all things video. Professionally, I edit, I encode, I doctor. Most (all?) of my professional life has been spent in the Japanese animation business, and while that’s all fun and nice and everything, I love live action stuff just as much.

But my true passion lies in the consumption and obsessive collection of obscure media (a category to which anime once belonged, and to an extent, might still). It is to that obsession I dedicate this site. Here you will find my musings on any random stuff I come across, either physically or online. Occasionally I’m going to have to go on about food too, since that’s my other big passion.

In other words, here I shall wax about anything that inspires me, in the spirit of the non-stop self indulgence that is a blog.

Oh, and I’m in my early 30s and live in Los Angeles.