Stuff I directed/edited

Among other things, I like making my own media. To paraphrase Hideaki Anno, creativity is a shrewd attempt to connect with others by the socially inept.

Most of my output (at least the stuff I’m comfortable posting online) is documentary. Most of them were produced either for ANN or as DVD extras.

One Last Song (Josiah Leming)

Josiah is a hugely talented singer/songwriter, and he needed a quick promo video for his forthcoming album. We shot this in the studio he was using in just a couple of hours. I think the lighting could be (much) better, but otherwise I’m quite proud of how we were able to capture the energy with which Josiah performs. (If you’re ever able to see him live, it’s a real treat.)

True Lies (The New Division)

This is my first real music video, created start-to-finish. I’m really happy with how it came out. Special thanks to Sam Brown (of Whitest Kids U Know fame) and Cale Hartmann for appearing in it, and a BIG thanks to production designer Colson Knight for helping out.

Introducing The New Division and Shadows EPK

These are two short introductory documentary/EPKs I made for Riverside, CA-based band The New Division, one is an introductory piece, the other (made a few months later) is about their new album Shadows. (I shot, directed, edited.)

Coming Soon:

Other work I’ve done

  • Inside Korean Movies (a 10-episode series I wrote and directed the dub for)
  • numerous special features and trailers for anime and Asian movies (for Central Park Media and ImaginAsianTV
  • AnimeNewsNetworkTV – a weekly anime/manga news magazine web series
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